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Christmas Eve Emergency Plan

This activity can be used to develop children’s understanding of electricity, in particular, how to make components brighter and louder to help Father Christmas fly his sleigh safely on Christmas Eve. It develops the skill of Fair Testing and helps to correct a generally held misconception about cells and batteries. Start the lesson by reading out a letter from Father Christmas:

‘’Dear Children, I need your help, otherwise no one is going to get their presents delivered on Christmas Eve this year. Rudolph has a really bad cold and so his nose is not going to be very shiny and bright on Christmas Eve. This is especially worrying because the forecast for Christmas Eve is very foggy. Normally Rudolph’s nose lights the way and lets other aircraft see where the sleigh is and stops us having any collisions. I have heard you are learning about Electricity so thought you might be able to work out how to keep us safe on Christmas Eve. Please could you work out the answer and then send a diagram so that I can get the Elves to make your invention? Happy Christmas”

Christmas Eve Emergency Plan
Download PDF • 624KB


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