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Do you want access to one of the best science resources ever?

Sounds a little be over the top? Well we don’t think so. The ASE have produced an absolutely fantastic resource after a pilot project that we were very proud to have been asked to analyse the feedback on. We have seen lots and lots of resources over the years some great, some not so great but this one really towers above the rest. AND it is freely available from the ASE website!

The resource: Key Moments in History & Science – A Fossil Hunter’s Story includes an award-winning film that ASE commissioned that engages the children from the very start of the project. This film, The Sea Dragon, depicts the life of Mary Anning as a child Fossil Hunter. It won the coveted 1st prize in the prestigious Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and rightly so.

The resource, aimed at 9-11 year olds, has been piloted across a wide range of primary schools and the impact has been impressive on all levels and genders of children. The project is, at is core a science project, but it is so much more – it helps you to see how multi-disciplinary teaching can boost children's learning , confidence and engagement through the inclusion of RE, history and a little geography with of course some literacy and maths in the mix too.

This should be made statutory in every school in the UK! Even if you are not teaching this age range the pedagogy the resource uses to help develop teaching in this way is a must read as it will have far reaching impact on how we teach. Please visit the website and download and share EVERYWHERE! If you scroll down our news feed you will find other posts about Mary Anning that fit very nicely when introducing this project:


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