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Get topical to Increase Science Capital

We learn about science so we understand the world we need to live in, so teaching science through events that are in the news is a great way in to help children develop their knowledge. So have you been watching the Winter Olympics in Beijing? Had any ideas about how this could link to Science LO taught across the school? If not here are a few ideas to get you started:


Friction - curling, ski events, snow boarding etc. Look at how the athletes slow down, speed up, the way their use their equipment

Air resistance – the materials their clothes are made out of, shape of the skis, streamline toboggans.


The properties & shapes of the equipment, the melting and freezing of the snow, the temperature of the right kind of snow for the fastest run, weather, the materials that make up the medals, how the torch burns.

Animals including Humans

Diets of different athletes needed for the different disciplines, how different types of training regimes support different parts of the body, skeletons and how they are protected during the events.

I’m sure you get the idea. The winter Olympics can provide a rich resource to teach most aspects of the science curriculum across the whole age range.

Also, don’t forget the cross curricular links it provides. Look at the mental health of the athletes - how do they do to keep mentally fit? Discuss the mascot Bing Dwen Dwen – what does it represent?

The history of the winter Olympics, the geography of Beijing, route of the Olympic torch, the maths needed to time the events, measure the track…. The possibilities are endless. Visit the official site to get more inspiration -


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