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How green is your tree?

If you have a school Christmas tree, take the children to have a closer look at the tree. What materials are the different decorations made from? Could they classify them ? How many of the decorations are recyclable ? How do they know? What would be the best way to dispose of these decorations after Christmas if they had to? How many could be recycled? Should we be thinking about only using materials that are good for the environment?

You could follow this up with the children creating their own ‘green ‘ Christmas decorations that would be better for the environment.

This activity is based on the resource from Primary UPD8. If you are an ASE member then you can access the PowerPoint for free that supports this lesson – just visit this link If you are not a member then why not join the ASE in 2023 to access a wealth of creative teaching resources full of excellent science linked to the NC.


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