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Instant Snow

This resource can be used to support the areas of Changing Materials throughout the school from Early Years to Year 6 and also to support the area of Forces. Insta Snow is a polymer, which when water is added, increases in volume many times to look and feel like snow. See below for some ideas of how to use this in the classroom including:

  • What happens if you put the snowmen in the freezer?

  • Ask the older children to add different amounts of water – how will it change?

  • Research where these superabsorbent polymers are used e.g. oil spills, nappies, etc.

  • Design an investigation to see if the wet Insta Snow can be returned to its original state. (Hint: yes it can – it’s a reversible process.)

  • Ask the children if they think the snow they see in films and the Winter Olympics is always real. Get them to do some secondary research to see if this false snow is the same as Insta Snow.

  • Discuss the similarities and differences between real snow and Insta Snow - they could look at temperature, does it freeze/melt like real snow? Could they make a snowman/snow balls?

  • They could set up a Winter Olympics course and see if things went faster over the Insta Snow or just the desk top. How does the Insta Snow affect friction?

insta snow
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