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Subject Leader Hub bespoke

(One 2-hour online session each half term starting in September)

Have you been missing out on CPD due to recent events? Do you find it difficult to

get out on full day courses? Do you want to really deepen your SL skills and

knowledge? This set of bespoke online two-hour sessions spread across the 2022-

2023 academic year has been created to address specific SL concerns and needs

around the science in your school.

In the first meeting you develop the skills to find out exactly what the science in your school needs to be the best it can be. Subsequent sessions will be based on the groups bespoke needs to move science forward.

In between sessions you will have a task which will provide the opportunity to practise some of the new learning with your class and then share what you discovered in the following session.

Sharing your experiences with your fellow SL will provide a wealth of ideas to take back to school. Your course will be lead by an experienced SL and Primary science consultant who will share her experience and ideas and be able to address any issues that you may find difficult. The sessions will arise from your bespoke needs, which may involve Big Books, outdoor learning, OFSTED visits, cross curricular, IT in science, recording creatively, Resources differentiation - the choice is yours!


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