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Websites worth a look

There are so many amazing websites out there (and some not so good!) that we have decided to do regular posts to round up the best ones to support both mental health and primary science. We would love your contributions to this so please get in touch to let us know if you have discovered a rose amongst the thorns. Here’s a few for this coming week;

Votes for schools – get your class heard!

Votes for schools is an excellent website that prepares resources and lesson plans to encourage schools to discuss current issues and share their ideas. They want to hear what children have to say ahead of the United Nations Climate Conference in November in Glasgow which is taking place on the 31st October. You can get involved here.

Time’s up Timer

As teachers we often need a timer or countdown for some activity we are doing in the classroom. Try this app to get a variety of different timers to keep your class on track -

Talking to chimps

Watch this fascinating video that shows how chimps communicate with gestures. It isn’t only humans that use sophisticated methods of communication. Increase science capital by looking at different types of scientists that may encourage children to think about a career in science.

Which bird is it?

This website has many bird songs you can listen to support your class to identify which bird they can hear whilst out and about. It will be useful resource to support the senses topic in Year 1 and also links to the Animals and Humans topic that runs through the curriculum. Why not take a walk in the outside classroom of nature and encourage your children to use the sense of hearing to try to identify the birds they hear?


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