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Websites worth a look

Another of our regular posts rounding up the best sites that support both mental health and primary science. We would love your contributions to this so please get in touch to let us know if you have discovered a rose amongst the thorns. Here’s a few for this coming month;

Michael Rosen

Have you ever used poems in your science lessons? Michael Rosen wrote Centrally Heated Knickers many years ago now and we have been using his science based poems to start science lessons ever since. Sometimes instead of reading the chosen starter poem to the lesson we like to jump onto Michael's site and let him read out one of his poems - as this grabs the children's attention with his quirky style. Grab a few minutes to visit Michael's website and see all the resources he shares on there.

School Science

Lots of ideas and access to useful resources can be found on this site. It has been around for many years now but is sometimes overlooked

National Geographic Kids

This website aimed at kids, is jam packed full of interesting and fascinating facts about the natural world. It's always worth a visit before teaching the human and animal strands of the POS


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