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World Mental Health Day - 10th October

This years World Mental Health Day is on Tuesday 10th October. Here at Education Guru we’ve been involved in the design and delivery of a number of wellbeing programmes in schools and behavioural units over the years and we’ve seen first-hand how they transform schools and greatly improve kids’ ability to learn.

Based on this knowledge and experience, we offer a variety of CPD that supports teachers to develop skills and strategies to improve their own mental health and wellbeing. It will also enable them to deliver a programme in their own schools to improve the wellbeing of other staff and pupils. We're also excited to offer Positive Intelligence, teaching you the science and practice of developing powerful mental muscles to approach life's challenges with much less stress and greater clarity and resilience. If you’re interested in improving your own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of your staff and pupils, then please get in touch and we can talk through the process in more detail. We can design a tailored a course to meet your specific needs.


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