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Would Christmas be Christmas without chocolate?

Now that vegan chocolate is as good as the dairy version, we at Education Guru will definitely be indulging after finding a moo free Ferrero Rocher imitator – heaven!

So back to the Christmas science – exploring the changing state of chocolate is a winner all year round in the classroom but with this investigation you can create some Christmas chocolates that can be taken home and hung on the tree. Start the lesson off with Michael Rosen’s chocolate poem. Give the children a chocolate button to hold in their hand and observe. Then investigate a variety of different types of chocolate to see if they all melt in the same way.

Grab yourself some Christmas shaped molds and get the children to create some chocolate decorations by adding some thread to each melted chocolate shape (cleaned with boiling water first by an adult). Once they have solidified ask the children to decide what they think the best material to wrap them in will be to make an attractive and protected Christmas tree decoration. Ask the children is this a reversible change? Do they need to be careful about where they hang the decoration ? Where should they avoid hanging it close to ? Why?


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